Training with a Rugby Rebounder Ball


A well-played pass can break down a defense and create try scoring opportunities so fine tuning passing skills is critical although it can be repetitive. One odd looking but very effective piece of equipment to help improve your passing skills is the rugby rebounder and best of all it doesn’t require a teammate to train with you. read more…

England reveal new jerseys ahead of Dubai 7s


The World Rugby Sevens Series kicks off its 2016/17 schedule with the Dubai 7s tournament, and ahead of this weekend’s festivities, England rugby have revealed the new jerseys their men’s and women’s sevens teams will wear this season. read more…

Agility Pole Training For Rugby Players


By Kimber Rozier CSCS, Pn1 – Rugby is a multi-faceted game of skill, speed, strength, power and agility. It doesn’t matter if you have the speed to out run the other players if you can’t move laterally to break into space. read more…