Layering Basics for Rugby Training and Matches


The rugby season runs from fall to spring in most parts of the United States. The cooler temperatures are nice but with them come inclement weather (cold, rain, and snow) to hamper training sessions and match days. World Rugby Shop examines some basic layering basics to help you stay warm and dry regardless of the outside conditions. read more…

Planning for Cold Weather Rugby Training/Matches


Rugby does not take a break just because it is cold outside but it does add another challenge for the players willing to brave the cold. World Rugby Shop’s Kimber Rozier takes a look at the steps you should take to be ready for when the temperature drops. read more…

World Rugby Shop’s Guide to SUPER RUGBY


The end of the year brings with it a new round of official club rugby jersey releases. It is highlighted by the unveiling of Super Rugby jerseys ahead of the new season. Super Rugby can be hard to pin down for U.S. fans so World Rugby Shop takes a look and attempts to simplify why you should care about it. read more…