The ITM Cup is the New Zealand domestic competition between the top 14 provincial unions.  The official jerseys of the teams are very cool looking but hard to find in the United States and 365.WorldRugbyShop.com takes a look at some of the ones we have available from Canterbury.

Canterbury kept some consistent details with the jerseys.  They all feature the Canterbury Loop 21 U-neck collar.  The back of the collar has a constructed back to the collar and a narrower u-neck in the front.  This look has allowed some teams to have sponsorship placements on either side of the u-neck.

All the jerseys feature the ITM Cup logo on the right sleeve and a wide sleeve cuff and some type of sublimation that gives each jersey a unique look.

ITM Cup Premiership Division Jerseys

Auckland 2014 Home Rugby Jersey

The Auckland jersey is a classic wide white-and-blue hooped jersey with darker navy seams.  The jersey is given a unique look with the names of the clubs in the Auckland Rugby Union sublimated into the blue hoops.  The collar is white.  The Auckland crest is over the heart and Canterbury logo embroidered on the right chest.

The Barfoot & Thompson sponsor logo is centered with the bottom yellow-red band given the jersey a color blast as well as smaller logos on each side of the collar. The left sleeve has the Hira Bhana Quality Chips logo.

The back of the jersey has a white number block.

Taranaki 2014 Home Rugby Jersey

Taranaki has held true to their gold-and-black hooped jersey for the past 5+ years.  The bumble bee look works for the team.  It has a modern look with a white collar, a gold shoulder panel, and a solid black sleeve with gold cuff.

The black of the jersey has the names of all 78 Taranaki All Black representatives, Taranaki Rugby Centurions, and Taranaki Rugby Clubs sublimated on it.  T

The club crest is over the heart and the Canterbury logo embroidered over the right chest.  The club does leave any potential sponsor placement space empty.  The primary sponsor is Tenderlink on the center of the jersey.  Warner Construction logos flank the collar and a SHUK logo is on the left sleeve.  The back has a black number box with a PortTaranaki logo over the number box and Programmed Marine logo below.

ITM Cup Championship Division Jerseys

Otago 2014 Home Rugby Jersey

The Otago jersey is blue with gold detailing.  The focus of the jersey is on the bottom half of the jersey with the union crest sublimated in a lighter blue on the front and the Otago ‘O’ logo on the back.  Inside the ‘O’ are the names of the players who have represented the union in 50+ games.  The back logo, or should we say butt logo, makes for an interesting ‘junk in trunk’ look.

The best part of the jersey is the upper half that looks classic with the interplay of the gold and blue.  The most noticeable feature is blue-and-gold striped shoulder panel.  The sleeve seams are gold as well as the sleeve cuff and collar.

The Otago logo is over the heart and the embroidered Canterbury logo over the right chest.  Speight’s Brewery is the jersey sponsor and their gold/blue logo works perfectly with the colors of the jersey.  The stars of the logo help connect the upper and lower portions of the jersey.

The back of the jersey has the Silver Ferns Farm logo.

Southland 2014 Home Rugby Jersey

The Southland jersey is maroon with white collar, shoulders, and sleeves and gold seam detailing around these areas.  The jersey gets a little busy, some would say crazy, with the ‘Tonal Stag’ on the bottom of the front and the club badge on the back.  The entire maroon body has a faux-marbled look which gives a very unique look to the jersey.

The club ‘S’ logo is over the left chest and Canterbury logo embroidered on the right chest.  SITzerofees is the main jersey sponsor.  ILT’s logo flanks the right collar.  Speight’s brewery adorns the left sleeve and Rothbury Insurance Brokers is on the back across the shoulder blades.

Northland 2014 Home Rugby Jersey

Northland has a 2-tone blue jersey with the focal point being the sublimated taniwha, the club’s mascot, peeking out from the shirt’s belly-button.  The look is not that imposing but gives an individual look.  The sky blue with navy detailing for the seams and sleeve cuff and white collar is great combination that works and sets it apart from many of the other colors used in the league.

The Northland logo is over the heart and embroidered Canterbury over the right chest.  Toll is the primary jersey sponsor with Lion Red Brewery on the left sleeve and Coresteel Buildings across the shoulders on the back of the jersey.

North Harbour 2014 Home Rugby Jersey

The North Harbour jersey stands out from the others as the focus is not on traditional hoops or a large sublimated image as the other jerseys feature but combines some of the elements of both.  The white jersey has maroon details for the collar, sleeves, and to frame a single wide black hoop at the center of the jersey.

The black hoop includes the sublimated names of the Harbour players and the maroon framing the hoop include the clubs in the North Harbour Union.

The jersey also includes a very subtle sublimated flower at the lower right corner of the jersey.

The North Harbour club badge is over the left chest and Canterbury embroidered logo over the right chest.  QBE is the primary jersey sponsor. Beneftiz and TicketDirect logos flank the colla while Jetts 24-Hour Fitness is across the shoulders on the back of the jersey.

The 14 teams in the ITM Cup are divided into 2 divisions, the Premiership Division and Championship Division.  The last place finisher in the Premiership is relegated to the Championship each season while the winner of the Championship is promoted.

Which jerseys do you think look the best and which ones were off the mark?

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