Ahead of this weekend’s HSBC World Rugby Sevens Wellington Sevens, adidas Rugby unveiled the second boot in its inaugural Rugby Sevens inspired range – the Wellington Sevens adizero CrazyQuick Malice.

Following on from the strikingly colourful boots adidas designed for the Cape Town sevens back in December, this second effort is a lot more monochrome, as you’d expect for a boot worn in the home of the All Blacks.

The Wellington Sevens boot features a striking Māori design created by renowned New Zealand artist Dave Burke, and NZ Rugby kaumatua (Māori elder), Luke Crawford. The design depicts the story of Wellington’s rich mythological history and the qualities of speed, strength and determination.


Wtn Boot 7s-E-com 1440x550_3


Speaking about the boots, Crawford touched on the story behind the striking design. “The boot graphics tell the story of Ngake and Whātaitai – two legendary supernatural creatures (taniwhā) credited with the creation of Wellington’s Harbour, surrounding hills, bays and harbour entrance,” he explained. “The positioning and use of different graphics on the boots stays true to the legend, geographical and mythical past of Wellington City.”

Each boot features a taniwhā, Ngake (left boot) & Whātaitai (right boot), and showcases elements of the legend and on-field activity. Ngake’s head can be found at the front of the left boot supported by spiralling shapes that represent speed and strength. The story of Whātaitai is shown with designs of the Pātiki (flounder fish), Keo bird, and swirling patterns that represent momentum.


Wtn Boot 7s-E-com 1440x550_2


“Among the Sevens circuit cities, Wellington is known for its rich cultural heritage,” added Senior Director of adidas Rugby, Simon Cartwright. “So alongside Dave [Burke] and Luke [Crawford], we’ve told a story that we felt everyone needed to hear whenever they think of Sevens Rugby in New Zealand.”

Further limited edition entries in the Rugby Sevens series will be revealed to coincide with the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series events in Las Vegas, London and season closer, Paris in May 2017.

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