adidas unveiled the Harness the Light Pack earlier this month and the latest line of rugby cleats from the 3-Stripes is sure to perform on the field and turn heads off the field.

The range builds on the success of last year’s Electric Boot Range and has focused the 4 cleats of the silo into 2 families; the Kakari, designed for forwards and the Malice, designed for backs. The technological specifics of each cleat allows players to select the cleat most suited to their position.


adidas Predator Malice


The Predator is the most popular cleat in the line but is now called the Predator Malice to fit into the 2 family line-up.  The silo was previously known as the Predator Incurza.  Regardless of what you want to call the cleat, the Predator is still made for the kickers on the team.  They feature asymmetrical lacing to provide the largest strike zone possible and Predator System Hybrid Touch to improve control on the ball in all weather conditions.

adidas CrazyQuick Malice


Introduced to the adidas line last year, the CrazyQuick Malice ran away with high praise.  The cleat is designed for speed and this year’s takes a new look with a neoprene low-rise sock that helps secure the foot in the shoe.  To enhance speed, the CrazyQuick Malice is made from a breathable lightweight synthetic upper and the adidas Sprintframe speed traxion outsole.  An asymmetrical lacing system is used to provide a reliable kicking area.


adidas Kakari Force


The adidas adiPower Kakari Force is the king of the Kakari family and is being touted as ‘the ultimate boot for the tight five.’  And it stands out, much like the CrazyQuick in the Malice family, with a mid-rise neoprene sock.  The sock helps lock down the foot in the shoe while the slightly higher mid-rise sock provides additional ankle stability.  The upper is made from Hybrid Touch.

The cleat also features a new hybrid outsole developed with scrum-mapping technology.  The 6-2 stud formation at first glance appears standard but adidas has added 3 molded studs (1 at front and 2 at the back) for additional traction in the scrum.


adidas adiPower Kakari Light


The new line-up is completed with the adiPower Kakari and the adiPower Kakari Light.

The adiPower Kakari utilizes adidas Ground Control outsole for superb and reliable traction and a lightweight synthetic upper with Hybrid Touch.  The adiPower Kakari Light has an internal cage system for added support while covering the entire field as well as an ultra-light synthetic upper along with the Ground Control outsole.

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