The New Zealand All Blacks unveiled their 2015 Rugby World Cup Jersey in Auckland today.  The jersey pays tribute to the past, specifically the Originals team on 1905/06, while utilizing the latest technology to help the team defend their 2011 Rugby World Cup title.

“To wear a jersey with a design that represents the nation’s proud rugby heritage and reflects the team’s success since 1905 is hugely significant to us,” Richie McCaw said of the new look at the unveiling.  “We’re ready to wear the Rugby World Cup jersey with pride.”

New Zealand All Blacks 2015 RWC Jersey yoke detail
The all black jersey features a subtle stub collar and gun metal silver detailing.  The most distinct aspect of the jersey is the gun metal silver chevron design over the shoulders and chest.  The element was inspired by the leather yoke that was on the Originals jersey.

The Originals team that toured the United Kingdom, France, and the U.S. became legendary.  They lost just 1 match on the 35-game tour and it was on this tour that the All Blacks name became associated with the team.

The fact that the All Blacks are returning to England was not overlooked in the design.

“The Originals were really the first All Blacks team to capture the rugby world’s imagination, especially in the United Kingdom, so we think it’s fitting that the team is heading back to the UK this year with that on their chest,” Simon Cartwright, Senior Director of adidas Rugby said.

Webb Ellis Trophy 1987, 2011 embossed on right sleeve of New Zealand rugby jersey
The All Blacks have a tradition of embossing the right sleeve of their Rugby World Cup jerseys with a gold Webb Ellis trophy along with the years they won the title.  And after taking the title last RWC, this will be their first jersey to be adorned with the trophy and 1987 and 2011.

New Zealand All Blacks Silver Fern logo on 2015 RWC jersey
Rugby World Cup 2015 badge on the New Zealand All Black jersey
The All Blacks Silver Fern logo is placed over the heart, 2015 Rugby World Cup logo is over the right chest, and the adidas Performance logo is beneath the collar.  The Silver Fern, adidas logo as well as back numbers will be in gun metal silver.

The jersey is the most technologically advanced in the game and designed by a team from adidas with input and support from the All Blacks players and testing with the body mapping process known as Dynamic Stretch Analysis.

A Woven Carbon fabric is used on the player’s jerseys.  The fabric weaving technique allows a unique 2-way stretch and has the strength, flexibility, weight, and comfort suitable for the world champions.

adidas logo on the 2015 Rugby World Cup All Blacks jersey
The attention to detail did not stop with the actual jersey.  adidas designed 2 position specific jerseys with 1 designed for forwards and the other for backs.  The forwards requested a jersey that allows for better for when binding while the backs wanted a skin tight jersey to help them pull away from tackles.

While the jerseys the All Blacks players wear on the field are made exclusively for them, adidas is releasing 3 versions – the cotton-based supporters jersey, the ClimaLite Replica jersey, and the Performance jersey – of the 2015 All Blacks Rugby World Cup Jersey.

The New Zealand All Blacks 2015 Rugby World Cup Jersey is available at World Rugby Shop.

What do you think about the new All Blacks jersey?  Is this the best jersey the team has ever released?