The Ben Cohen 2014 calendar is a fan favorite every year and proceeds benefit help the anti-bullying campaign of the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation.  The calendar is marked down to $20.99 so do your part to help end bullying.

The calendar gets some of the best reviews of any product at the World Rugby Shop.

‘I always look forward to the new Ben Cohen calendar each year and once I order it, I can’t wait to have it delivered!!’

‘A great calendar with some fantastic pictures, the one in the shower is amazing!’

‘Ben Cohen’s calendars are always hot, as he is. ‘

‘Keeps you motivated. Just husky enough, just hairy enough.’

Check out for yourself what all the hype is about with this 2014 calendar.

To become a rugby World Cup CHAMPION required a strong body.  To remove BULLYING from schools and sports, requires all of us to have STRONG CHARACTERS.  – Ben Cohen

Get in the Game.  The World Rugby Shop has the Ben Cohen StandUp 2014 Calendar on sale for $20.99.  Support the push to end bullying.