Customers always call in with questions surrounding the differences between ‘official jerseys’ and ‘replica jerseys.For the 2017 Lions jersey there is a ‘test’, ‘pro’ and ‘classic’ jersey option available. World Rugby Shop talked with Canterbury’s Senior Designer Gareth Woosey to give insights into the differences.

The British & Irish Lions 2017 Test rugby jersey ($119.99) is the one players will wear on the field next summer. It features all the latest technology to help give the player every advantage on the field.

The Lions 2017 Pro rugby jersey ($94.99) is made to look like the Test jersey but does not have all the added features (eg different fabric) that are used to enhance performance in real game situations but that increase the price.

“The fabric is the main difference,” Woosey explained. “Whilst visually looking the same the Test jersey has an element of stretch to allow for a form fitted garment. The fabric properties (strength, wicking, drying rates) are also much higher than the (Pro Jersey) to ensure that the players can perform to the best of their abilities.”

“The collar is also constructed differently. We have a very high on-field strength standard that all of our test jerseys should meet. This is why you will see additional reinforcement on the test collar.”

“And the (Test Jersey) also has a lion insignia on the sleeve but rather than being embossed as per the (Pro jersey), this becomes part of the Vaposhield finish. The beauty of this is that it only becomes visible when it comes into contact with moisture.”

The British & Irish Lions 2017 Classic jersey ($84.99) is a more traditional style rugby jersey. It has the same look as the Test and Pro jerseys but is made from cotton and with a more leisure wear appeal with details like the 1-button collar and embroidered logos.

They are, however, ALL official jerseys. ‘Official jersey’ is an all-inclusive term for any jersey made by the team’s technical sponsor (jersey sponsor) for use by team players or fans.

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