Thanks to another trip to the Cup the Eagles have done well in our ratings for the second week in a row.

Mike Palefau (6.5): You can always count on Palefau in any situation. In Hong Kong he came off the bench and started with equal effect.

Nick Edwards (6): His defense is an issue but offensively he makes solid moves. Much improved from earlier in the year.

Danny Barrett (7): Barrett is quickly becoming a central part of the team. Offensively his fend is becoming the thing of legends. His 7s defense is improving tournament by tournament.

Garrett Bender (6): He lost his starting place halfway through the tournament but still came on and was effective.

Zack Test (8): Another fantastic tournament from Test who has proven himself once again as a leader on offense and defense. As of right now he is the cornerstone for the push for 2016.

Brett Thompson (7): It’s telling that Thompson is one of the few players to start every match. His prowess in the air is really showing through.

Marcus Satavu (6): In four substitute appearances he made an impact especially using his size with hard runs.

Andrew Durutalo (6.5): Not as effective as he was in Tokyo but still got the job done. His hands are the most underrated part of his game.

Pono Haitsuka (7): Like Barrett, Haitsuka has really evolved as a player. He has a lot of things to learn but his playmaking abilities have really improved.

Mike Teo (6): Didn’t get a huge amount of playing time but did alright.

Madison Hughes (7.5): Where would the Eagles be without Hughes? He has a rugby intelligence that the team hasn’t had for a long time. His kicking is a very strong attribute.

Ryan Matyas (6): His try against South Africa was reward for running great support.

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