The U.S. 7s team had their most successful tournament in nearly a year after making the Plate final in Tokyo. That success is reflected in our player ratings.

Nick Edwards (6): A much better tournament than he has had so far this year. He has good leadership skills and last weekend was able to translate them to the field.

Danny Barrett (7): In just three tournaments Barrett has proven his worth. He brings strength that teams can’t handle and he is good on restarts.

Garrett Bender (6): The most quiet of the regular starters but that doesn’t mean he didn’t put in work. Bender did a lot of the small things well that helped his team win.

Zack Test (8.5): An absolutely phenomenal tournament from Test. He rightly made the Dream Team for the tournament. His five tries not only co-led the team but more importantly they came at crucial team. He was the leader on the field.

Brett Thompson (7.5): Along with Test co-lead the team in tries. He showed up in the right places, was solid on defense, and was outstanding in the air.

Pono Haituska (6): He continues to grow every tournament. His playmaking abilities are putting his teammates in nice spots.

Madison Hughes (7.5): Head coach Matt Hawkins has to find a way to keep Hughes around after his winter break from Dartmouth ends. He has only played in two tournaments but already he is an indispensable member of the team.

Andrew Durutalo (7): The role of a second half substitute seems to fit Durutalo. He came in every match and completely changed the game for the better. Opponents simply can handle his size.

Mike Palefau (6): Palefau came in and did exactly what a substitute is supposed to do–make a difference and provide energy. He is the ultimate team player.

Mike Teo (6): He only came in matches at the very end but still did well to keep the Eagles attack going.

Marcus Satavu (NA): Not enough time to get a grade.

Ryan Matyas (NA): Not enough time to get a grade.