U.S.A. Eagles fans will have a great opportunity to watch the Rugby World Cup in 2015 and get a great value in the process.  The tournament will be hosted by England making travel easy and Eagles’ games are priced at least expensive level during the group stage.

A fan of the Eagles could watch all the Eagles potential group matches as the Americas 2 qualifier for a total of $475. Take along your child to each game and it would only set you back an additional $72.  As the Americas 2 qualifier the Eagles will play Samoa, Scotland, South Africa, and the Asia 1 qualifier.

This is nothing compared to what a fan of one of the traditional powers will be asked to fork over.  An England fan will pay $1,957 to watch in person all the host nation’s group stage matches.  And if the fan were to take their child it would cost an additional $98.

The goal of the pricing structure for RWC 2015 organizers is to make sure the quadrennial tournament is accessible to all fans, and players, as well as the casual sports fan.  They don’t say as much but it is also to make sure the events are all sold-out.  The group stage also includes children pricing to encourage entire families to go to the game.

The only time the tier 2 nations will be favored in England is with the pricing structure.  The games involving the Home Nations and Tier 1 sides feature the higher pricing.

Once the group stage is over everyone will be paying the same price.  The tickets for the quarterfinals will run $409, the price for the semifinals will be $843, and to catch the final in person it will set you back $1,171.

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Are you going to the Rugby World Cup in 2015?  Are the prices too good to turn down for Eagles’ fans?