Eagles Name Starting XV to Face Scotland

Posted: June 5, 2014 at 6:16 pm

With Rugby World Cup qualification booked, the USA Eagles are looking to the summer test series as a chance to prepare for the Rugby World Cup next year.  Head coach Mike Tolkin named his starting XV for the sides preview match against Scotland at BBVA Compass Stadium Saturday, June 7.

Men’s Eagles | v Scotland

1. Olive Kilifi
2. Phil Thiel
3. Eric Fry
4. Louis Stanfill
5. Hayden Smith
6. Todd Clever
7. Scott LaValla
8. Cameron Dolan
9. Mike Petri
10. Shalom Suniula
11. Luke Hume
12. Andrew Suniula
13. Seamus Kelly
14. Blaine Scully
15. Chris Wyles

Men’s Eagles | Reserves

16. Tom Coolican
17. Nick Wallace
18. Titi Lamositele
19. Tai Tuisamoa
20. Danny Barrett
21. Folau Niua
22. Chad London
23. Tim Maupin

  • Doug Lyons

    Some thoughts regarding the Scotland game this weekend. I enjoyed the game and thought the Eagles gave a solid effort overall but the
    Eagles continue to be their own worst enemy. Anyhow, some observations:

    1. If Kilifi is your specialist prop make sure he can scrummage first … and you might want to keep him away from the buffet table. Fat, out of shape props that can’t scrummage are really not much of an asset.

    2. Chris Wyles may be brilliant for Saracens but he had at least two knock on’s and one horrible pass when the Eagles were on a rare attack. This is not the first match where he has had problems handling the ball. His goal kicking is iffy (not his fault as he is sort of forced into that position) so I am beginning to question his overall value – Scully might make an interesting selection at FB.

    3. Clever plays with guts and gives it his all but his decision making as captain … 2 minutes till half with a difficult penalty attempt for Wyles … wouldn’t it have been better to kick for the corner and try to work a line out … a strength of the Eagles.

    4. Mike Petri has reached his peak and it just is not good enough. He is slow to release the ball from rucks, his box kicking is aimless and he chooses the wrong option too often. At a minimum others should get a look if for no other reason than to keep him on his toes.

    5. We need a fly half – desperately. Remember Hanno Dirksen? Went to Wales to get a cap when he thought Scott Johnson was going to wind up as the coach of Wales. Well … that cap is not gonna happen so maybe he should be contacted. It can’t hurt to ask. Someone needs to get the backline moving forward ….

    6. The folks in Houston are very nice and the facility is first rate but is there no northern clime with a similar stadium that cannot be developed for these sort of matches? The quality of play will always suffer with the heat and humidity that is the norm in Houston.

    7. I can’t wait for Chicago!!!!

  • Mat

    The Eagles are the only world rugby side that can literally choose their weather for a test. I remember the Canadians wilting in 2011 in July heat in Charlotte! I wish they had pushed the All Blacks to Thanksgiving weekend in Chicago. As it is, it should be colder than New Zealand… Probably won’t be a factor, but if I were scheduling the Eagles I would continue moving them about this huge country. Can’t hurt.

  • http://monzilla Ron Randall

    What has changed? The eagles are out classed and slow as it ever was. It might start with the out of shape Props but a good team can overcome this deficiency but will never overcome poor ball handling and play selection.