The Emirates Lions have revealed brand new home and away jerseys from Canterbury that the 2017 finalists will wear in 2018 Super Rugby season.

The new jerseys are once again made by Canterbury, and blend the classic and the traditional, with striking white and red hoops on the front, and a modern graphic on the back. The graphic itself returns to the theme of the Johannesburg skyline that the Lions wore across the front of their designs in 2016.



The away shirt is a simple palette swap of the home shirt, with the front being a white shirt with red stripes, and the back a white skyline against a red background.

“We are very proud to be associated with the City of Johannesburg and we know they have our ‘backs’ so to speak,” said Edgar Rathbone, Managing Director of EPS Management at the shirt’s launch. The Lions will wear their brand new jerseys when the new Super Rugby season kicks off in February 2018.