England Rugby revealed their 2017/18 home jersey that brings all of the expertise that Canterbury has gleaned in 113 years of producing rugby apparel. 

The new home jersey is the lightest kit ever made by Canterbury and uses 3D body mapping, improving its endurance and durability.



In addition, the sleeves of the jersey have also been enhanced – the length is longer, constructed with high-stretch modular fabrication to give improved comfort and better performance. Notable, the sleeves also feature a striking blue fade on the ends.

Midnight blue is traditionally England’s third colour and has traditionally been used for the socks. In addition, there’s also a striking geometric pattern sublimated into the design, and a St George’s cross on the back of the collar.



A unique feature of the replica versions is a commemorative plaque, each of which carries an exclusive number, part of Canterbury’s new ‘Unbreakable Bond’ campaign. Supporters will be able to buy individually distinctive shirts, with a different number on each one.

“Every player in the squad is proud to represent England, put on the jersey and wear the rose,” England captain Dylan Hartley said at the launch of the new jersey. “We’re all committed to improving – not only individually but as a whole team and it’s great to see this philosophy is shared by Canterbury. It gives us real confidence knowing we are wearing the best possible kit to help optimise our performance.”

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