One of my favorite parts of playing in a rugby club is the travel games: I get to visit new places, meet new people, and best of all, play rugby with my team. My school has a small women’s rugby club and will often travel two to five hours whenever we have an away game. During my time doing this, I have learned that the biggest difference between getting a great away game experience and an awful away game experience was planning.

Planning as in, what was I going to wear the morning of, what was I going to pack, what weather did I need to be prepared for, etc. Save yourself some grief, and plan ahead. Pack your bag the night before and lay out your clothes so you don’t have to think about it in the morning. Here are some of the essentials that you need besides your rugby gear when you leave for an away game.


If you’re like me, your favorite accessory is your bag: they fill me with a distinct feeling of joy. Rugby is not a sport that requires a great deal of equipment, so any duffel bag or backpack that is suited for sports should do the trick.

Look for one with a separate shoe/laundry compartment to keep the rest of your items clean and dry. A duffel bag with compartmentalized pockets makes it easy to organize your stuff and to access them throughout your trip.

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My rule of thumb when packing shoes is to always bring three: Your cleats, a pair of sandals or slides, and a comfortable pair of lifestyle shoes.

I like to wear my slides to, from, and on the pitch any time that I don’t need to be booted up. They are comfortable and easy to slip in and out of whenever I need to.

After the game, it’s not uncommon to have a social event that the home club hosts. Having a pair of super comfortable shoes that are meant for post-game/workout is perfect for resting your feet and showing off your style.

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A change of clothes is probably the most important thing you could pack besides your rugby gear, especially when bad weather is involved. Packing at least a very light rain jacket will save you if the clouds suddenly roll in.

After the game, I like to bring loose-fitting rugby workout clothes or sportswear so I can be comfortable whether I’m in the car ride home or hanging out at a social event. Wearing your favorite team’s jersey is another great option after games.