Ahead of the first round of the World Rugby Sevens Series, France Rugby Sevens have revealed a new sevens shirt that they will wear this season.

The jersey is once again produced by long-time supplier adidas and it respects the 7s tradition of eye-catching and unconventional designs – in fact it’s perhaps the most striking new sevens design of recent years.




Breaking with tradition of France home shirts being primarily blue, the jersey is a two-sided affair, with a blue back and sides giving way to a white front and shoulders, paired with light blue shorts.

The most memorable aspect of the design is the highly modern graphic that runs across the white portion on the front of the jersey. This is a stylized map of the world, complete with time zones, with markers representing the locations of the seven stages of the 2017 World Rugby Sevens Series.




This striking design is designed to reflect the globe-trotting nature of the World Rugby Sevens series, while other new innovations include a sublimated pattern in the fabric that’s very similar to the All Blacks ‘triaxle’ fabric, while we also have a new insert collar that’s distinct from anything we’ve seen on an adidas jersey previously.

Both France’s Men’s and Women’s Sevens teams will wear the jersey for the first time at the Dubai Sevens tournament.