Gilbert Zenon Training Ball

Gilbert Zenon Training Rugby BallThe Gilbert Zenon training ball is the best training ball available.  It replaced the XT400 rugby training ball and is the best choice for club teams, high school teams just getting started, as well as touch rugby programs.

With its standard gripe and Hydratec technology, the ball is suited for all weather conditions and helps players get a feel for the ball.  The ball is designed to last utilizing a 3 Ply polycotton and cotton laminate with durable rubber outer surface.

But the ball stays true to rugby traditions and Gilbert standards and is hand-stitched to make this rugby ball a true classic.

Get in the Game.  A good set of rugby balls is key to successful training sessions.

Gilbert Zenon Training Rugby Ball

Gilbert Zenon Training Rugby Ball (Fluro)

Gilbert Zenon Training Rugby Ball (Red/Black)



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