A rugby team kit is one factor in what gives a team their identity.  The team badge is proudly worn over the heart and an iconic jersey whether it is a cool solid color look, hooped jersey, etc makes your team stand out from across the pitch, even at the biggest tournaments.

european rugby champions cup rugby ball
Increasingly teams are looking to put their team stamp on more than just their jerseys and designing a custom rugby ball.  This makes complete sense as the top leagues and teams from around the world use custom balls which insures consistency and helps with promotion.  A custom rugby ball gives a unique look to the European Rugby Champions Cup to the southern hemisphere’s Super Rugby to the Six Nations.

customized super rugby ball

six nations rugby ball
A custom rugby balls allows your team to put a team or tournament logo on a ball and give it a distinct look with a unique color combination.  These can be used as a team fundraiser or just to make sure your team always have a full set of balls for training sessions and matches.

But what hoops need to be jumped through to get a custom rugby ball?

First select the rugby ball you want customized.  Gilbert is the most relied on ball in global rugby and World Rugby Shop works with the England based company.  Three options are available: the Gilbert Zenon Training Ball, Gilbert Omega Match Ball, and the Gilbert Photon Match Ball.

Next is to select a size. The most common size is the standard size 5 since this is what adult teams use but Size 4, Size 3, Super Mini, and Mini balls are available for customization.  The smaller 2 sizes are great for companies wanting a promotion gift.

how to customized a rugby ball?Third, select your colors and logo.  The illustration makes it easy to put the final touches on your custom rugby ball.

This is a customized option and can take 90 days or more for delivery depending on time of year.  At this time, orders must be placed with a World Rugby Shop Team Sales Customer Representative so call 1-877-776-7651 today with additional questions or to place an order. Or to get more information online visit the Custom Rugby Balls Landing Page.