Rugby and American football share a common history with many of the basic elements seen in both sports.  In rugby a players must ‘tap down’ or ‘touch down’ the ball to score a try whereas in football a touchdown is scored, or the line of scrimmage and the scrum (or scrummage) to name 2 of the most common similarities.

With so much in common, Rugby Rugby thought it would be fun to celebrate the NFL season by trying to imagine what a Tier I nation would be if they were an NFL team and this is what we came up with.

New Zealand/New England Patriots: Their fans love them, neutrals appreciate the way they play, and fans of other teams hate them. Both the All Blacks and the New England Patriots are polarizing teams, yet they continue to win with solid play.

Australia/Green Bay Packers: Besides having similar colors, the Packers and the Wallabies share a lot in common. The Packers are one of the smallest markets in American professional sports, while the Wallabies have a relatively small market as they compete for attention in Australia’s crowded sports scene. Brett Farve=Nathan Sharpe? We think so.

South Africa/New York Giants: Every year they have high expectations placed on them, and every year is a wild ride trying to see if they meet those predictions. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.

England/Dallas Cowboys: They have a large following and play in front of large crowds, yet it’s been awhile since they won a World Cup or a Super Bowl. The media loves to focus on the team while the money pours in.

France/Oakland Raiders: Little understood outside their own fan base, they each deliver an exciting and at times crazy product. Quirky, unique—there are a lot of similar words to describe the two.

Wales/Philadelphia Eagles: Both teams view themselves as a hard working group of players. Their fans see themselves as incredibly loyal, but are quick to criticize when they think things aren’t going well.

Scotland/Cleveland Browns: Without being too harsh, it’s easy to forget that these two teams exist at times. They can surprise every now and then with a win over a bigger market squad, but then they’ll go back to their own bubble.

Ireland/Denver Broncos: They’ve had their ups and downs, but have also delivered some amazing performances. The system rules in both of these players and time and time again they have the ability to plug in players and have them do well.

Curtis Reed is the founder and editor of This Is American Rugby. He can be found on Twitter @ThisIsAmerRugby, on Facebook, and at www.thisisamericanrugby.com.

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