Rugby Canada has revealed a complete overhaul of its brand, including a completely redesigned logo, which coincides with the signing of a kit deal with Canterbury of New Zealand, complete with brand new jerseys that reflect the new brand. 

The brand new logo replaces the red, black and white design that the Canadian rugby team has been wearing since 2003, and is a dramatically simplified and cleaner motif than the various different logos worn since the late 1980s, when the jerseys sported a classic maple leaf with the legend ‘Rugby Canada’ beneath.


Rugby Canada's new crest


The new logo is similar to the earliest Canadian jerseys, in that it sports a red maple leaf inside a stylised white shield, with a simple red outline, and the word ‘Rugby’ inside the leaf itself.

The striking, bold new logo was created by respected Vancouver-based design firm Hulse & Durrell, and was designed to reflect the simple values of Canadian rugby. There are no bells, no whistles, just a simple design that reflects the values that Rugby Canada and rugby in general espouses –  courage, tradition, honour, perseverance, and straight up fun.

In addition, the prominent use of the word ‘rugby’ in the logo is done as a way to reflect Canada’s staus as a bilingual country – and the unifying fact that the word is the same in both English and French. ““Nothing says rugby like the word itself, so we put it at the heart of the brand. Rugby is bilingual, crystal clear and only five letters,” said Greg Durrell, Partner, Hulse & Durrell. “It’s a rare opportunity for a national sports brand.”



To coincide with the launch of their striking new brand, Rugby Canada also took the lid off a brand new kit sponsorship partnership with rugby specialists Canterbury of New Zealand. Canterbury replaces Under Armour, who have provided the Canucks’ shirts since 2015.

The new home and away 15-a-side jerseys reflect the new clean, simple and bold ethos of the Rugby Canada brand, with classic, clean red jerseys augmented with simple double stripes on the sleeve cuffs and shoulders, while the chest area also features a subtle pinstriped tonal motif.


As befits a Sevens jersey, the Canada Sevens top is a bit more unconventional than the 15s designs, but it still keeps the simple and clean vibe of the new brand. Once again we have a striking, classic red jersey with the same pinstriped chest pattern, but this time it’s augmented by a striking and bold maple leaf-inspired tonal pattern that covers the body of the design.

Canada took to the field in their new Canterbury jerseys for the first time at last week’s Las Vegas 7s tournament, and the 15-a-side teams will don their designs for their first post-ARC games in the summer.