Old boys will no doubt remember lugging car tires out to work on their foot speed, coordination, agility, and balance but times have changed.  Not as much in the drills but the equipment used to achieve the goals and the training ladder is today’s version of an old set of ties.

Training ladders are lightweight, portable, and easy to store and are used by top teams around the globe including the New Zealand All Blacks.

The All Blacks make the routine look simple but like any drill it takes time to master.  Start slowly as players learn the routine and then increase the speed gradually.

Most ladder drills are as much mental workouts as physical so keep the focus and only increase speed as you are comfortable with the routine.  And remember the more you work that the mind is the first to tire so part of the drill is keeping your mental focus.

Drills are more than merely fast feet so make sure your entire body posture is correct with arms moving in tandem with the feet, slightly lean forward, and minimize the knee lift to maximize speed.

Rugby ladder drills can serve as an ideal warm-up at the start of practice and are a great means to get players focused before tossing the ball out.

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