Rugby has been played by passionate enthusiast since the 1800’s.  The spirit of rugby is evident through anyone and everyone that has walked on the rugby pitch as the game changes your life.  Rugby tests a player’s individual mental and physical strength as well as requiring the rugby player to put aside personal glory to work together with other players as a rugby team.

The rugby team takes the best of all the individual players, accepting their strengths and weaknesses, to create a team that is more than the sum of its parts.  And for a rugby team to be successful in test matches, there must be a trust and understanding among the entire rugby team.

The beauty of the game of rugby is that when the final try is scored and a winner is determined the trust and understanding between players crosses team colors and applies to ALL the rugby players, teammates as well as opponents, once the rugby player steps outside the lines of the rugby pitch.

In the most basic form, rugby is a simple game and only requires a small patch of open field (rugby pitch), a rugby ball and two teams.  But at the highest level, the game can require much more and the World Rugby Shop blog is here to help with our Rugby Player’s Guide.

The Rugby Players Guide is geared toward helping the player make the most of the game from knowing the laws of the game, to the best rugby gear available and insight on how important it is, tips on how to avoid injuries, and much much more.

365.WorldRugbyShop Player’s Guide

Laws of the Game – Most rugby players start out with little knowledge of the game of rugby. The game of rugby sells itself.  But once you bleed rugby, you need the IRB Rules of the Game.  This is the official book for players, coaches and referees around the globe with the official rugby laws.

Rugby Balls

Rugby Balls – The first piece of equipment to get started is the rugby ball. The oval ball looks somewhat similar to an American football but is bigger and more rounded than the one used on the gridiron.  Rugby balls come in all types of material from leather to textured synthetic and are built to stand up to the rigors of the game.

Rugby Head Gear – Rugby headgear or rugby scrum cap is a padded helmet-like item designed to cover the ears and head with a strap underneath the chin and are more and more being adopted by the professional and amateur rugby players as a necessary piece of rugby equipment.

Rugby Mouthguards – Rugby is a contact sport yet one of the frequently overlooked but suggested pieces of equipment is the rugby mouthpiece or rugby mouthguard.  And with so many chances in rugby matches to injure your mouth or teeth and the relative cost to prevent injuries, is there any good reason not to have a rugby mouthguard?

Rugby Shoulder Pads – Rugby shoulder pads and other protective gear was for years thought to be only used by wimpy player who was afraid to take a tackle and get up and keep on playing but increasingly top players are starting to wear rugby shoulder pads.

Rugby Compression Shirts – Compression shirts are increasingly becoming popular in the sport of rugby with many top international rugby players were some type of compression gear.

Rugby Team Jerseys – The rugby team jersey and rugby team kit say more about your rugby team than anything other than your play on the field.  Make sure you have a first rate rugby team jersey by shopping for your rugby team kit at the World Rugby Shop.  The WRS has the best selection and the best prices.  And you can purchase your rugby team jersey either blank or have our wonderful rugby teamwear sales staff help you get the right customization from embroidery to numbers and most anything you can dream up for your rugby jersey.

Rugby Gloves / Grip Mitts – Rugby gloves, sometimes called rugby grip mitts, are wonderful for inclement weather but more and more rugby players, especially the backs, are starting to wear rugby gloves in all types of weather to get the best grip on the rugby ball.

Rugby Shorts – Rugby shorts are a necessity of all rugby players.  And don’t be tricked into believing any short will work as a rugby short.  Rugby shorts are by design more durable with higher grade polyester and reinforced seams, than say soccer shorts. Read More on Traditional Cotton Rugby Shorts and Performance Rugby Shorts

Rugby Socks – Rugby socks help complete the rugby kit and make the team and players look like they are ready for training or match play.  Make sure you have enough good pairs of rugby socks to last you between loads of laundry.

Rugby Boots  – Rugby boots are one of the most important pieces of rugby equipment the rugby player will purchase.  There are many factors from correct size, style of play, workmanship, etc that play a part in finding your perfect rugby boot and the World Rugby Shop has the biggest selection of rugby boots to make sure you can play to your potential.

Rugby Field Equipment – There is a simplistic beauty to rugby so outside of the players the only thing you need is a ball and a patch of grass, turf, concrete, etc but some teams go all the amenities of the professional rugby team and we will look into all the rugby gear.