Upon first glance most rugby players ask, what is it? OK they use stronger language than that but the curiosity is immediately evident when players first see the rugby ShadowBall.


The 5-panel ball has a flattened end that sets it apart from any other rugby ball.  The new innovation is a cutting edge in player solo training.  The new look rugby ball is designed for players to practice passing against a wall with the flat side of the ball providing a perfect rebound and spin back to the player.

Otherwise the ball is the same as a normal rugby ball.  It is made to the official size and weight specifications of a standard issue oval ball.  The panels are hand-stitched with a texture feel to provide true grip.

Gcobani Bobo, a South African Springbok international, is one of the international players who has picked up the revolutionary ball.

The ShadowBall first was released in South Africa in 2013.  It has been an immediate success at every level of the game in the southern hemisphere nation despite the initial critics who said it was only ‘half a rugby ball.’

The ball was designed by a joint effort of the ShadowBall Sports Science Team and the Centre for Human Performance Sciences at Stellenbosch University.

And the developers want to do more than just sell the ball, they are committed to promoting drills that will help improve your game.

Get in the Game.  The World Rugby Shop has the ShadowBall in stock to help improve your game.