The cold weather is embracing the United States that past 7 days but warmer weather and the start of training for the 2014 rugby season is just around the corner or is many parts has started.  The WorldRugbyShop.com has all the gear for you to have on hand for your spring training.

Rugby balls are the most important piece of equipment.  And all coaches have commented that it is better to have too many balls than not enough.  Regardless of whether you need a top-notch rugby match ball or everyday balls for training the WorldRugbyShop.com has you covered.

Rugby_ballsRugby Match Balls
Rugby Training Balls

Contact training can be the most difficult aspect of designing a great training session.  You never want players getting hurt while training and to insure you stay safe while training check out the various protection pads from player pads to tackle dummies it is all on hand.


Player Protective Gear
Field Equipment
Practice Equipment

The kicking game can make the difference in matches so make sure you have the best kicking tee on hand for the best accuracy.

Kicking_tessIncreasingly teams are looking to the best in rugby machines from scrum sleds to rucking equipment.  This hard to find and somewhat expensive equipment can make a difference and is well worth your club raising funds to purchased.  The WorldRugbyShop.com has everything from 1 to 3 person scrum sleds as well as the all-purpose Collision King from Rhino.

Rugby_SledsGet in the Game at the WorldRugbyShop.com

Help other rugby players by leaving your comments on equipment you find helpful at training sessions?