The cold rugby months are upon us and it is time, or really past time, to be getting the appropriate cold weather gear and World Rugby Shop has all the solutions to your needs from official gear from team’s from around the globe or training gear of the top brands.

The New Zealand All Blacks are the top team in the world and have one of the best looking kits and lines of training gear.  It is hard to go wrong with black.

All_Blacks_WinterGearThe World Rugby Shop has great selection of British and Irish Lions gear remaining but it will be gone fast.

Lions_WinterGearAs well as a good selection of gear of the Six Nations teams.

6N_Trio_WinterGearFrance_WinterGearWales_WinterGearBut don’t think it stops with the official gear.  Check out all that is available at great prices from the training gear lines from the top brands.

Get in the Gear! Get in the Game.