A revolutionary mouthguard is making the decision whether to wear mouthguard easier for rugby playersThe custom fitting SISU™ mouthguard is stronger, more comfortable, and most importantly is easy to wear as it allows more freedom to talk, breathe, and drink while wearing.


SISU Aero mouthguard


Simply put, there are no distractions to your game while wearing the SISU™ mouthguard and only the added benefit of protection from dental injuries that can occur in a contact sport.

SISU Aero mouthguardThe most noticeable feature of the SISU™ mouthguard are the perforations over the entire guard.  The perforations oddly enough strengthen the guard.  The perforations along with the Diffusix™ technology and special ‘crumple zones’ help absorb and diffuse the energy from an impact over larger areas and away from your teeth.

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“The perforations in the SISU™ mouthguard act similar to the trusses on a bridge, allowing the structure to flex when an impact occurs,” Johannes Schwank, PhD explained on the SISU™ website.

The perforations also improve the air flow to aid breathing and allow players to take in fluids more easily.

The mouthguard is amazingly thin. At only 1.6 mm it is thinner than most mouthguards players have seen but protects 30% more protection than traditional brands and has 8x more tensile strength than the standard EVA mouthguard.



The SISU™ mouthguard only takes 2 minutes to customize and can be re-molded up to 20 times.  And the mouthguard can be molded to provide protection for players with orthodontic treatments.


SISU rugby mouth guard
SISU rugby mouthguard - black SISU mouthguard rugby - white
SISU Aero Mouth Guard (Black)
$24.99 USD
SISU Aero Mouth Guard (White)
$24.99 USD
SISU mouthguard for rugby - red SISU mouth guard for rugby - blue
SISU Aero Mouth Guard (Red)
$24.99 USD
SISU Aero Mouth Guard (Royal)
$24.99 USD


The SISU™ Aero Mouthguard is available in Black, White, Red, Royal at World Rugby Shop.