In their 2nd year of a new contract with BLK, Stade Toulouse has mixed things up with their 2015/16 third jersey.  Unlike many clubs that take a more adventurous approach with their 3rd jersey, Stade Toulouse’s is the most traditional of their 2015/16 looks.


Stade Toulouse BLK logo
The red jersey features black detailing on the shoulders and sleeves with a color sweep down the side panels under the arms that slightly cuts into the sides of the abdomen at an angle.  The black detailing is continued on the side and back of the hemline.

Stade Toulousain 3rd rugby jerseyThe open stub collar design provides pulls some white into the jersey along with the black and red and provides a modern look to the jersey.

A large red patch, originating on the collar, was placed in the center of the back and splits the block of grey on the back of the shoulders. The red panels serves as the background for the ‘@stadetoulousain’ twitter.

Stade Toulouse team badge
Peugeot, the main sponsor, is prominently featured in the center of the jersey. The Stade Toulouse insignia is over the heart while another corporate sponsor, Airbus, is opposite. Alone on the back of the jersey is the logo for Fiducial. The BLK logo is placed right underneath the center of the collar.

The Stade Toulouse 2015/16 Third Jersey is available at World Rugby Shop.