Super Bowl-Rugby Connections

Posted: February 3, 2014 at 11:43 am

Now that Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone and for most people the excitement of the match has worn off, we want to share a few connections between the match and rugby.

Seahawks Rugby Ties

Maybe the Seahawks key to victory came back in August when Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll paid a visit to the Serevi Rugby Academy where he addressed those in camp. The camp was not only for those aspiring to be on the Eagles but for those still in high school and younger as well. Legendary New Zealand 7s coach Gordon Tietjens was also in attendance. Carroll then invited the camp participants to a Seahawks pre-season game. The folks at Serevi Rugby also got to spend some time with Russell Wilson.

Notice the World Rugby Shop ball?

Wilson & Rugby

Speaking of Wilson, his father, Harrison B. Wilson III, was a very good football and baseball player for Dartmouth back in the 1970s. What is little known about Wilson III is that he also played rugby for the school.

Holliday Nearly Switches

Despite being an outstanding kick returner at Louisiana State University Trindon Holliday was thought to be too small to play in the NFL. Knowing this then Eagles 7s head coach Al Caravelli and his staff put out feelers to Holliday to see if there was any interest in playing rugby. It turns out there was and that Holliday was not unfamiliar with the sport having played in the past. However, it wouldn’t work out for rugby as Holliday was drafted by the Houston Texans.

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  • B.V.

    You missed John Fox who played rugby in San Diego for OMBAC and possibly San Diego State University. I’ll leave the research to you. Fox remains on the OMBAC Old Boys e-mail list.

  • Tyrus Gerlach

    Coach Carroll is the best..!

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