The real history of rugby started in England and all eyes are back on the island nation with the Rugby World Cup set to be hosted in England in 2015.  The game has come full circle and to celebrate and prepare for 2015 this video, ‘The Real History of Rugby – everything else is a load of old balls’, prepares fans for the tournament.

The release was timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of England’s march to the World Cup title back in 2003 and build hype for the upcoming tournament.

In this take recorded history really only starts in 1823 with William Webb Ellis picking up the ball and running with it and showcases big events – inauguration of the first teams and competitions right, written rules of the game, the first streaker – from the history of the game.

Are you ready for rugby to return home?  Are you going to travel to England to follow your team?

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