Stade Toulousain is preparing for the 2014/15 Top 14 campaign and have a new home, away, and third jersey to try and improve on their 4th place finish last season.  The black, red, and white team colors are each featured in one of the jerseys.

BLK took over from Nike as the French team’s apparel sponsor.  This is the first design by the Australia based company.

The home jersey is black with red detailing and the sponsorship logos in white. The open stub collar and insert are black with a narrow red border that goes around the collar.  The red detailing pulls the jersey together as it arches down on either side of the shoulder from the collar and connects the red sleeve cuffs and wider red waistline.

‘Stade Toulousain’ is printed on the back of the collar.

The club badge is over the heart while the major sponsor Peugeot is on the center chest, the Airbus Group logo over the right chest, and the BLK logo centered under the collar.  The 8 Fiducial logo is across the shoulders on the back of the jersey.  All the sponsor logos are in white.

The jersey includes some added subtle detailing.  The ‘ST” of the badge is sublimated in a lighter black color down the left half of the jersey.  A similar black application is on the back of the jersey.  The lower torso on the front of the jersey has a textured pattern which appears to be designed to improve the grip on the ball.

The away jersey is the same template with the red the primary color and the black the detailing.  The open stub collar, however, is white with a red insert.

The third jersey is white and has a unique look that will make it stand apart.  It is a little cleaner with less detailing but makes its own statement.  The jersey has a black and red stripe running down the front center of the jersey.  The flow of these stripes is interrupted by the BLK and Peugeot logos.

The open stub collar is white with a white insert and red border on the edge of the collar.  The left sleeve as a narrow red cuff whie the right sleeve has a black cuff.  The waistline is a thicker black.

Stade Toulouse is one of the best teams in France and Europe. They have won the Heineken Cup a record 4 times and won 19 domestic titles.

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