The instantly recognizable dots of Trusox have become commonplace on rugby fields around the world.  The performance socks are worn by some of the top names in the game and it is not only players that are recognizing the high-tech socks.

The Sports Technology Awards 2015 have shortlisted Trusox in 2 categories, Best Equipment/Kit and Best Wearable Technology – Performance.  The winner will be announced in London on March 27.

“It is a wonderful achievement for our product to be recognized and we are hoping for a successful outcome at the awards,” Trusox said in a statement about the nominations.

Trusox will be up against 1 rugby related product in each category.  Rhino-Raleri Rugby Goggles is nominated in the Best Wearable Technology – Performance category while Partner Ball Rugby is in the Best Equipment category.

After grabbing global attention in soccer, Trusox are slowly building a following in rugby.  Kickers have been some of the first to embrace the technology but other positions are slowly seeing the advantages of the high-tech socks.

Trusox are available at World Rugby Shop.