The Welsh Rugby Union have revealed a new alternate shirt that Wales will be wearing for the next two seasons.  The jersey was designed and produced by Under Armour. 

The new shirt echoes the same basic design as the recently revealed Wales home shirt, but swapping out the classic red for a dark grey ‘Anthracite’ colour, with red accents on the collar and shirt sleeves. LIke the home shirt, the design also features a topographic pattern on the sleeves that represents notable areas of Wales, which is again unique for every jersey made.



The most striking feature of the new change shirt, however, is a brand new main sponsor that is different from the home shirt. The WRU recently signed a long-term deal with Japanese truck brand Isuzu, but here they’ve unexpectedly swapped that for another Japanese auto maker, Subaru.

This is an unusual and unconventional move for any team, and particularly a test team, but its been made possible due to the Welsh Rugby Union’s sponsorship deal with automotive importer the IM Group, which deals with both brands.

International rugby convention states that in the case of colour clash, the home side will wear their alternate jersey, so Wales will wear their new jersey for the first time when they welcome Georgia to the Principality Stadium on Saturday.