Rugby training and games are year round events.  It is hard to know what to expect on any given game day so best to be prepared with the proper gear in your bag and ready for when you need it.  365.WorldRugbyShop has pulled together a list of rugby gear we find club players and coaches come to us for so they can focus on their performance on the field.


rugby shorts9) Rugby Shorts – A crucial element to your game, picking up the latest short will keep you fresh at training and on match day.  Rugby shorts are still available in the traditional 100% cotton variety and the ‘performance’ style short made from polyester with moisture management features and lighter weight.   Take an inventory and get a couple of extra pairs.  Performance Rugby Shorts vs 100% Cotton Rugby Shorts


rugby kicking tee8) Kicking Tees – Kicking tees tend to get lost more than other pieces of rugby equipment.  After a successful kick they either don’t make it back to your bag or fall out as you pack up to go.  Regardless they are no where to be found when you need it.  The best solution is to carry a spare or 2 in your bag to be ready to kick the next conversion or penalty.



rugby mouthguard7) Mouthguard – Mouthguards are not required but probably should be!  A mouthguard will help insure you don’t have a tooth knocked out during a match and some finds show they help in the prevention of concussions. Why Buy a Rugby Mouthguard



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rugby team wear6) New Team Jerseys – The team wanted new jerseys for the current season but once you started looking you found out the turnaround time was too long.  Don’t get caught by surprise next season and place an order for your new team jersey today.  Come Spring you will be glad you did.  Call 1-877-776-7651 to talk to a team agent for more details.



trusox5) Trusox – Get the competitive edge! TruSox improve your traction and will help you cut harder lines and change your direction on a dime.  More top players are starting to pull on the high performance sock.



rugby ball pump4) Ball Pump – Most teams have 1 player that is always looked to when balls need more air and there is a panic when that player is not at the field and the team is ready to get started.  The ball pump is an inexpensive piece of equipment that you can keep in your bag so that when the team is ready to play, the balls are pumped up.


rugby bag 3) Rugby Bag – The rugby bag is part necessity and part nostalgia.  Every player needs a bag to carry gear/tape, ball, etc and we all know old-timers that still have their very first club bag which is pretty cool on one hand but maybe going overboard on the other.  A new rugby bag is like getting a fresh start and you would be surprised at how much crap has collected at the bottom of your bag not to mention the locker room smell of an old bag.



2) Outer Wear – Rugby specific outerwear knows you need to stay dry and warm. We’re ready to keep you covered regardless of the weather.




Gilbert rugby ball1) Rugby Balls – Training takes a toll on rugby balls, and the cold wet weather won’t do your stock any favors. Picking up new balls will ensure the highest quality training sessions and matches. And make sure you have a good Rugby Match Ball as well.

These are just the popular items people request from WRS this time of year.  What rugby equipment do you most often find you need come mid-season?

World Rugby Shop has a great selection of these 9 Fall Rugby Essentials and any other rugby gear you may need to finish out the year.  Get in the Gear.  Get in the Game.